Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year Jeremy and I decided to celebrate Christmas with Jonah the weekend before Christmas in our own home. After much (and loooong) discussion we both wanted Jonah to have this experience at home as we would be traveling all week to both sets of Grandparents. Sooo, we started a new tradition and wrote a letter asking Santa to please make a special, early delivery just for Jonah.

Santa wrote Jonah back and told him that he would be delighted to make a special trip because Jonah has been so nice this year (wink), so on Saturday morning we celebrated as if it were Christmas Day!!

I've always been a huge (HUGE) stickler for celebrating holidays ON the actual event. In fact, Jeremy and I miiiight have gotten into several arguments about this over the years. I have just felt so strongly about it. But I reconsidered and am SO GLAD I did. Best decision ever, and Jonah could have cared less about it being on Christmas Day. The very best memories were made.

This year Jonah didn't ask for anything specifically. When he visited Santa at school he told him that he had enough toys, and every time I tried to pull things out of him he wouldn't offer up any help. SO. I used my special Mom-Santa powers and picked out a few things I thought he would love. He's really into space, and rocket-ships so Santa brought him an astronaut costume as well as the cutest back pack and lunch box. Santa also kindly dropped off a wooden food cutting set and Jonah and I are both obsessed with it. It makes the best crunching noise when you slice the veggies and fruit. This will totally come in handy when Jonah wants to help me cook (every night). Thanks, Santa! 


We had a donut picnic on the floor in the living room and made the very best memories!! 

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