Thursday, December 17, 2015

Follow the Star (2015 Christmas Program)

Last night was Jonah's pre-school Christmas Program, Follow the Star. It was such a cute little play and Jonah did a wonderful job. Jeremy and I were so proud of him!!

His class (three year olds) stood right up front and I was able to watch him in action. It was seriously the cutest moment when he spotted us in the crowd. He was waving and yelling "MOM!!! DAD!!! I'm right here!!". So precious. In that moment I thought, this is what parenting is all about. It is worth the hard and long days because it gives you this J O Y and pride that is so amazing. Right? I teared up watching him because he was so proud of himself, too. Love watching our boy shine!

Once the program was complete we vistited his classroom, he showed us a few things he's made and then we let him choose dinner. He selected Whataburger, because he wanted a grilled cheese, fries and fruit snacks. Duh! Saw that one coming. 


We are SO proud of you every single day, but tonight we are especially proud. You stood with your class and participated in your first Christmas program and did such a great job! We love your enthusiasm for singing, and you are an awesome student. Your teachers both complimented you on how well you listen during class on a daily basis and have the sweetest heart. Daddy and I love you to the moon, dude!!

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