Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Cheer around the Casa

I basically started decorating for Christmas waaaay before it socially acceptable to admit. I'll leave it at that. Since moving back to Texas in early 2013, decorating has kind of been a sore subject with me. I'm a decorator. My degree is in Interior Design. I am passionate about interiors. And we lived in an old (but manageable. ha.) two story apartment. Interestingly enough, Jonah still talks about missing our old home. A child's perspective has a way of putting things INTO perspective, right? Anyhow, I have been on the struggle bus because the apartment wasn't permanent. I couldn't paint to my hearts content so I just made do. It was fine. But now that we own our own home again, I AM THRILLED. Yes. Loud voice. THRILLED to decorate for the season (really. ALL the seasons).

Here's a peek into our home during this holiday season. I've had such fun pulling out our Christmas treasures this year!!

I used burlap placemats from The Royal Standard, and layered them with my vintage (thrifted) china and vintage Shiny Brite ornaments. When we cut our tree I asked if we could keep the branches they trimmed off the bottom and I used them throughout our home. They make the house smell AMAZING and add a fun touch. Plus, they're free. Hollaaa.

The vintage ornaments I tied to our chandelier is my favorite part of our decor. I miiiiight leave it up after Christmas. Love it that much!

We made the felt ornaments hanging from the mantle garland in 2009. It was our second married Christmas together. It was such a fun night that I'll always remember. My Mom and Sister came over to my Mother in law's house and we had so much fun sewing the sequins on and stuffing the felt ornaments. Love making special Christmas memories.

I'll do another post about the Oh Holy Night painting on the mantle. I whipped that up one afternoon. It was my first time to try painting on a canvas. It turned out pretty cute (for a newbie).

The last photo is of our entry area. I really tried to use things that we already had this Christmas, in a new way to decorate for the holidays. The Farm Fresh memo board was hanging in Jonah's nursery, but I decided to use it for holiday cards this year. I also used the Celebration Tree for vintage ornaments my Great Grandmother's and Mom made through the years.

In our kitchen I tried to make little "moments" of happy using little ornaments, trees and vintage inspired Santa mugs. I spotted the mugs on a recent trip to World Market and I didn't get them and thought about them for a solid week. So, we went back the following weekend so I could bring them home with me.

When we walk into the house it feels SO cozy and festive! And seriously. I can't believe it is nine sleeps until CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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