Monday, December 21, 2015

Packing our Shoebox

This was our first year to pack a shoe-box for a child in need. Operation Christmas Child is an awesome charity that delivers the boxes to children that would not get Christmas otherwise. It was incredibly humbling to think that whatever we packed, would be a child's only Christmas. What an amazing opportunity to bless a sweet baby! 

I explained the process to Jonah and he completely got it. When Jeremy got home and asked what we were doing he said, "we bought toys for my new friend because his parents can't buy him Christmas presents". I loved that he was able to pick up the concept behind our actions. 

We selected a little boy that is around the same age as Jonah, 2-4 years old, and filled it to the brim with prizes and essentials. I let Jonah pick out some of the toys. He selected Ninja Turtle pjs, and tooth brush, a play dinosaur, suckers and matchbox cars. I also packed dove soap, a tooth brush cover, crayons, a crayon holder, a sweatshirt, socks, blow up balloon toys, and other fun things. Jonah painted a pretty Christmas Tree and we wrote a letter on the back of the painting. We also included several envelopes with our address inside the box so he can write back if he wants. 

It was such a fun project that I hope we continue to do each year with Jonah!

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