Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Balloon Wreath {Crafternoon Delight}

I saw this idea on Pinterest. I mean, how many of you guys can relate to THAT statement. What do we not see on Pinterest?!?  Exactly.  Anyhow, months and months ago (like six or seven months ago) when I started planning Jonah's birthday party I came across a balloon wreath and fell in love. I already knew I wanted his first birthday to include balloons. Somehow. Someway. Balloons just equal happiness in my book. So, I set out to make it on my own.

(Go here to see Jonah's Party)

Balloon Wreath Tutorial

1. Lots of balloons (I bought mine at the dollar store in bulk. Probably 10 packages would do it.)
2. Floral pins (I purchased these at Wal-Mart for $1 per pack. I needed 4 packs)
3. Straw wreath form (Hobby Lobby, use your 50% off coupon!)

This is seriously the easiest wreath to make. There is only one step- push the floral pins into the wreath form. Keep going. And going. Until your wreath is positively BURSTING from happy. Rearrange as you see fit.

Delight in it.

Details+ Tips: 
-I left the plastic on my wreath form. Just less messy. 
-I straddled the balloons rather than puncture them. No reason for this, just what I ended up doing.

There are ENDLESS variations of this. You could make a July 4th Balloon wreath with red + white + blue balloons. A halloween wreath. Ohhh, goodness. Get to pinning (literally. get it?! ack, I made myself laugh with that one.) those wreaths!!

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