Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tissue Tassel Garland {Crafternoon Delight}

Lindsay is my name, crafting is my game. No. But seriously. Who doesn't love making a good craft?! Getting out my supplies and doing a little crafty crafting is just downright therapeutic. I lerv it, y'all.

My sweet Momma turned the beautiful 50 recently and we surprised her with a beach weekend getaway. It was tons of fun and the first family vacation with all of my married siblings. We stayed at an adorable house in the beach town of Pointe West (20 miles west of Galveston) and spent the days beachin', eatin' and playing yard games. The house had a ping pong table and we got mad competitive with it. You know how families trash talk and keep score. That's us.

I said alllll of that to show you how I crafted several little fun things to decorate the house with. One of which was TISSUE TASSEL GARLAND. My fave. Here's how you can work it UP for your next party or gathering (or hey, why not tonight?! just for fun?!)...

It's as easy as pie:
Grab a package of tissue (one piece of tissue = a single garland strand). Lay the tissue out, and fold over once (hamburger, not hot-dog). Cut strips towards your folded edge (leaving about 3" from folded edge). Open tissue. Twist center into a loop. Glue or tape the loop closed. Hang on string. PARRRRTAY.

(If you want to take the lazy way out- you don't have to glue or tape, you can just tie your string in the middle of your tassels & they will stay put. I'm not sayin' that's what I did....Ahem...)


Here's the garland in action this past weekend and our cute little beach house.

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