Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Insta-album {Project Life}

I am over the moon excited about this little craft I started Sunday night!!

Since Jonah was born last June I've been snappity-snapping photo after photo of him. I can't stop. He's the cutest little nugget. Almost every month my iPhone gives me the little "storage full" alert and I do a monthly photo dump. The thing that has been nagging me is not knowing what to DO with all of these photos. I've taken them...now what?!....

I've heard a lot of amazing things about Project Life the last couple of months but wasn't sure if I was brave enough to take the plunge. And, by brave I mean- I wasn't sure if I wanted the time commitment of scrapbooking again. Did you ever scrapbook? Like the obsessive kind that took over your life? Uhm-mm. Me too. And right now, night/weekend scrapbook sessions are not my priority. So, I was really skeptical!!

Sunday afternoon I took Jonah to Michael's (always an adventure with Chunky along for the ride) to see what we could find. I had heard that they now carried limited stock of Project Life! Jackpot. I came home with lots of new treasures.

If you're not familiar with Project Life, it's basically a simplified way to scrapbook:

Purchase a Project Life Core Kit (I chose the Honey Edition, and I also found a Holiday mini-kit)
Purchase a 12" x 12" Binder to hold your project pages

Organize your stash! The Core Kit I purchased came with over 500 reversible cards. Most include a space to write your memories and thoughts. Some have catchy sayings, or even a little calendar to record a special date or memory. The Honey Kit is cheerful and bright! Love it!!

Print your Instagram photos and other 4" x 6" photos. Both regular and instas fit into the plastic page protectors. You can purchase your instagram photos on a nifty Walgreens app, or Persnickety prints has a Project Life size available for purchase (lots of other printing options available not for insta prints!)

And, finally- assemble your pages by slipping the photos and cute cards into little pockets. DONE. 


I haven't started making my pages yet, I ordered the plastic page protectors on Amazon and I'm (SO ANXIOUS) still waiting for them to arrive. I promise to keep you posted and blog the rest of the process just as soon as my pages arrive on the front steps!!

If you want to see a Project Life project in action, head over to Emily's blog and check out her Instagram album. So adorable.

Have a super day, y'all!

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