Monday, July 22, 2013

Jonah's Big ONE

Three short weeks ago my Jonah Knox turned ONE. Insanely hard to believe because I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. Everyone told me that time flies when you have a baby, but I didn't really understand until now. Time is measured by Jonah's growth. He's literally turning into a toddler in front of my eyes. It's truly one of the most bittersweet feelings. I miss the infant Jonah so much, but I'm delighted to see the toddler Jonah emerging. He is such a sweet little scamp. Rotten mess.

I thought it would be fun to show photos of his party and then do an additional post later in the week with the details and a few DIY craft tutorials. I crafted most of his decor in the months leading up to his party. I had a really hard time deciding on a "theme" because I didn't want it to have a "themey" feeling. Just a happy, cheerful party that celebrated our little man turning a year old.

Once I decided on the paper goods, everything was a breeze. They were the starting point for the overall design. We hosted the part at our local Children's Museum (best idea ever, hardly any clean up- and the kids got to play!). It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon affair. Cheerful. Happy. Fun. Joyful. I will cherish the fun memories!

Party details, sources, DIY tutorials (I made the balloon wreath, all garlands, the large pom number one, and the favorite things poster & table runner) to come later in the week. Happy Monday, bloggity peeps!

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