Friday, July 19, 2013

Lay, Baby, Lay

I'm in the market for a new rug, y'all. We have (fake) wood floors in our town-home and I need something that meets our needs of the moment.

I would prefer a rug that does not need a rug pad because they are higher maintenance in my opinion and I'm semi-OCD about keeping things unwrinkled and straight. Especially rugs. In a perfect would I would just have fab jute rugs and vintage kilims everywhere. But, I need something that Chunky can crawl on without tearing up his little knees (jute is out). And, I don't want him to trip (fab vintage kilims are out). See?? Not exactly an easy feat, this rug shopping business.

And, let's have a bit of real talk. Like most, we are on a budget. Have you guys seen the ugly, cheap rug options out there? Yelch. I need something stylish AND affordable.

Sooo, I've been rug shopping after Jonah goes to sleep. Before I crash. Which leaves me approximately 15 minutes to rug shop because he goes to bed at 9pm and I follow at 9:30. I'm only partially kidding about the bed times, y'all. Momma needs her sleep! Here are a few rugs that I've found that ARE affordable, AND stylish. (I threw in cute Etsy pillow cover combos to to jazz things up a bit)..

All of the rugs can be found on Overstock. All Pillow Covers can be found here (This shop has great prices for fun pillow covers, which makes changing your decor easy peasy!!).

I haven't made a decision yet about a rug for our home. I will keep y'all posted. Happy Weekending!!

Speaking of my title, LayBabyLay, have you ever checked out Joni's blog!? Do it. I love reading it!!

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