Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Living Colorfully + Be Brave

For as long as I can remember I've loved kitchen ceramics. Pretty bowls. Fun plates. Mugs. Cake Stands. China. Milk glass. Kitchen accessories and doodads. Long before I married Jeremy I had (quite) the collection of breakable knick-knacks. When Jeremy moved us into this little townhouse, he swore never to be the unlucky one that unpacks my kitchen boxes. I'm pretty sure he spent more than one day JUST unwrapping plate after plate...after plate...after plate. I have this thing for pretty plates. And bowls. And I collect rolling pins. You can bet your bottom that I put them to good use baking tasty treats!!

In my opinion items don't have to be expensive to be beautiful!

Almost every single one of the plates on my wall were from the sale section at Anthropologie. I love living in a colorful home. A home that feels collected and tells a story. I use my cake stands for our keys and mail. Footed milk glass bowls in our bathrooms for hair accessories and soap. Anywhere you can add a pretty, do it. You won't regret it. Each time I walk past my owls, I smile. It's about taking what you have and using it in a new, unexpected way. 

Living in this little townhouse is teaching me to find beauty in unexpected places. I have vanilla walls (obviously not by choice, I would never want to be categorized as a vanilla girl, y'all). I'm adding colorful touches throughout the house without the use of paint. Don't be scared of color. Or mixing textures, patterns and prints. Be brave. Purchase items you love and would love to live with in your home.

(I printed & framed this poster from a blog that I've followed for years. Take Heart. It's sitting in my bathroom as a daily reminder to be brave. Take chances. Forget the naysayers. Live peacefully. Unafraid of public opinion. You can print it too as a daily reminder!)

I want our house to feel comfy and cheerful. It is my greatest wish that our guests feel at home. Like they can pick up their feet and stay awhile. Take a load off. And, yes. You do spy a wingback in the dining area. I stuck him there because he doesn't fit anywhere else. And, no. I haven't gotten around to having them reupholstered yet. They're (still) that ugly green color. Ah, well. It's on one of my lists. 

So, point of this post? Create a home you love, EVEN if it is NOT the home of your dreams (living proof right here). Find items in your home that you can re-purpose. Buy items you truly love.

Be brave.

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