Thursday, August 1, 2013

Biscuit Home {Fab New Finds}

I thought it would be fun to share new sources that I come across from time to time. I really enjoy finding new products + fresh looks and thought you might like to see them too. Sound good? Okay, it's a plan.

Recently, on Instagram I randomly stumbled upon Biscuit Home. Biscuit is a line of printed bedding at reasonable price points. Yes, the duvets are a little on the pricey side, but let's talk about reality. How often do YOU change up your bedding/bedroom decor? I'm a five or ten year girl. I know. Sounds terrible, but once I get things set I don't generally switch it all up. With that being said, I would be willing to spend $200 on bedding that I love and will keep + take care of for a few years! I'm a firm believer that you need good bedding and sheets. Pillows. We spend a LOT of time in our beds. I want mine to be cozy, comfy and really soft!

Unbeknownst to me there's an actual shop on Westheimer in Houston. I can't wait to visit and check out their fab goodies in person. If you can't visit their storefront, go HERE and check out their products (they even do crib sheets that are SO cute!!).

The week's half-way over. We got this!! The weekend's comin', y'all...

ps. Can you BELIEVE that today is August 1st?! The year is more than half-way over. Fall is just around the corner. I'm ecstatic to celebrate the little things with my Chunk in the coming months. Time flies. We're certainly having fun!!

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