Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fox Trot {What Jonah's Wearing}

Have you guys with little boys ever ventured into a store to be overwhelmed with glitter + sequins, and a massive girls section... only to find that the little guys section is approximately 10' x 10'?! Teeny tiny with only a few cute finds? Yep. Me too. Honestly, I never realized how unfair that whole situation was until I had Jonah.

Everyone has their own particular style and we're no different. I've never had a real issue with finding cute things for Jonah to wear because I mix and match from all different places. Do you? Generally, I don't purchase complete "outfits" at stores for him. And, I am not afraid to buy something from the "baby girl" section if it's unisex and works for him. Don't gasp. Think about it. Navy + white leggings are going to be the same for a little girl, OR a boy. So just go with it! 

I thought it would be fun to show you a couple of outfits that Jonah will (most likely) be wearing this coming fall. I have so much fun planning his outfits! The ensemble above consists of adorable leggings, a striped shirt, a cute puffer for when the weather (hopefully!!) turns chilly, and cute high-top TOMS. The puffer is on clearance at Target right now. And, I am just obsessed with those little fox leggings. They will definitely be going into my Etsy cart and making an appearance on Instagram soon (did you doubt me???).  Most of the pieces above can be work with other things as well. I love functional basics. Pair the striped top with jeans or shorts now. Make the outfits pull double duty. 

What are you buying for your little guys (and gals) for the fall? Spill it...

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