Friday, August 2, 2013

Free Font Friday

Say it three times really fast. Free. Font. Friday. Do you guys love fonts as much as I do? Hmm? If so, this post is for you. I'm an obsessive font lover and could spend hours searching for cool + new fonts for projects. Love 'em.

I came across Bergamot Ornaments not long ago (it's FREE to download, y'all) and was super pleased to find this key to it. When you download as many fonts as I do, it's hard to remember which keys are which ornaments. Boom.
The key was created by Raechel Myers (you can also find her at She Reads Truth, one of my favorites!!) and is SO handy to have.

I'm also loving these FREE fonts:   Bead Chain // Sudesta  // Nouvelle Vague

Happy projecting (and weekending!!)...

Tips: If you've never downloaded/installed a font before, it's easy peasy. Simply download the file, open it, and install it. Once it's installed you can use it in your programs (PhotoShop, Illustrator, Paint, Word, Excel, etc..).

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