Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rustic Farm {Jonah Knox's Nursery}

I'm missing our house in Birmingham today. Badly. And the beautiful hills. And the seasons (fall was especially beautiful there!). And, our life there. Just about everything. A little sadness (okay, a lot of sadness) comes along with the adventure and excitement of a big cross country move. I'm learning this as I go.

Last night I had a little (ugly) cry after I put Jonah to sleep in his crib. His bedroom here is not decorated. And that makes me sad. I know its just decor and fluff, but I feel like that is what makes a house a home! The extra stuff. I plan to rectify this situation as soon as possible. Just need to.

His nursery in Birmingham was my favorite room in our home. So much love and care went into creating it for him. I loved rocking him to sleep in his chair. Great memories in this room!! Since I'm missing our home so much this week, I thought I would share photos of his rustic little nursery with you all. I loved this room so very much.

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